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I was born into an ordinary Gurkha family and was passionate about cooking since my childhood. When I was nine my mother passed away and the responsibility of cooking for the family was upon me. I have always loved food and after many trials and errors I learnt to cook and felt happy when my family enjoyed my food. When I came to England 12 years ago, my first job was a kitchen porter in an Indian restaurant.

I worked my way up to Chef and I was honoured when the restaurant I was working was awarded a British Curry Award for the food I produced. I have been cooking professionally for 12 years.

At the begining of this year, I had the opportunity to open a small food stall in the Historic Pannier Market in Barnstaple, North Devon. Encouraged by numerous customers' review, I opened a small restaurant and takeaway shop in Maiden Street, Barnstaple. Through the continous love and support of my customers, I believe I can take my cooking skill even further.

My greatest enjoyment from cooking comes from the smiles and full statisfied bellies of my customers!

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Based in Barnstaple's Town Centre

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